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Expert Personal Training In San Diego Since 1992


Gill's Fitness provides the safest, most effective personal training service in San Diego.


At Gill's Fitness, the personal trainers are the machines - our expert trainers apply the resistance by hand for the weight bearing exercises.

  • Exceptional, Professional Personal Training

  • Rehabilitation, Prehabilitation & Exercise Therapy
  • Sports Specific Customized Exercise Design

  • One-on-One Fitness Services in a Spacious, Private Gym

  • Unmatched Success Stories & Excellent Client Testimonials

  • Innovative, Highly Effective, Unique Methodology

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The Safest
The Most Time Effecient
About Us
Gill's Fitness trainers emphasize the eccentric phase of muscle contraction. By overloading the muscle in the eccentric phase, the skeletal muscles are worked beyond their means - effectively "overloading" the muscle - to cause microtrauma that increases muscle strength.
The Most Effective
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2667 Camino Del Rio South

San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 299-1988

Videos of our Clients

Video:  Training For Athleticism

Video:  Have Fun During Exercise

Video: Biceps Training with Gill's Fitness

Video: Amazing People of Gill's Fitness

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