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Each one of the clients that train with Gill's Fitness has a success story.  Our clients attain goals and set new ones, train to prevent injuries if they fall, prehab before surgery, strengthen and stretch for sports, and exercise for overall fitness and health.

Here are just a few of our success stories.

Dr. Gene Rumsey

Dr. Gene Rumsey began his Gill's Fitness training program in August of 1998 after hearing about it from his friend and collegue Dr. John Ahlering.  An effecient 3 hours per week program scheduled at 5:30 am was the solution to accomodate his busy surgery schedule.  This important commitment to his health ended up being valuable prehab he needed when, in February of 2011, he found out that he needed a triple bypass.  Thanks to his workout, his body was ready.  The surgery was a success and Gene bounced back from the role of patient to surgeon.  He was able to get back to his workouts only 4 weeks after surgery.

Alex Schick

Alex Schick started training with the trainers of Gill's Fitness when he was only 14 years old.  Both of his parents, Malcolm and Patty Schick, are clients with Gill's Fitness.  They came to the experts at Gill's Fitness to help keep Alex's young pitching arm (and the rest of his body) healthy, as he fought off soreness while college scouts kept their eyes on him.  The hands-on methodology of Gill's Fitness was perfect for Alex.  He avoided injury, and pitched extremely well in high school. Well enough to get a scholarship to University of California Berkeley and then got drafted into the pros by the Minnesota Twins!

Michael Chapman

In June of 2008, Michael decided to make a change.  He had never worked out or even exercised up to that point. But he was feeling older than he should.  So he signed on to train with Gill's Fitness after reading an article in the newspaper. He started out with 3 hours per week, then kicked it up to 4, then 5 hours and the results kept coming.  Not only is Michael's physique impressive for a man at any age, (he's over 50!) but in 2010, his doctor determined that surgery was necessary to remove the middle lobe of his right lung.  Twelve days later,  Michael returned to exercising under the guidence of Gill's Fitness trainers.  His surgery was an astounding success thanks to his fit, high functioning body.

Michael's 30 year old daughter also trains with Gill's Fitness!

Don Howells

Don Howells trains with Gill's Fitness only 5 hours per week.  Thanks to a fun, active lifestyle of rough sports and athletics from his high school and college days, his diligence to his strength training staved off surgerical intervention for years. Now, he has had both knees replaced, one hip replaced, and surgery on both shoulders for his rotator cuff.  In spite of all the surgeries, Don's strength is unbelievable.  Don's wife, Denise, (who also has had a hip replacement) exercises with Gill's Fitness trainers, usually after she spends time with her horses.  Their doctors were very pleased with their speedy recoveries!  They take vacations and seek out physical activites - something that they would never do without their attention to their fitness.

Sergey Nosov

Left with a light form of Cerebral Palsy due to suffocation at birth, Sergey had several surgeries by age 14 that changed the attachment points of his tendons or making cuts in certain tendons.  Sergey started a training a program with Gill's Fitness in 2008 when he was 32 years old.  He was referred by a friend because of the reputation that Gill's Fitness has with customized personal training.  Most people with Cerebral Palsy feel pain and experience limited range of motion of their joints.  This makes strength training in a traditional fashion very painful and nearly impossible.

With the hands-on methodology his trainers used, Sergey went from a tight 34 inch waist to a loose 29 inch waist.  His muscle tone and hypertrophy make him look like he treats the gym like a part time job.  He turned in his belly for a 6 pack of abs.  Sergey is active in the off-road vehicle scene, loves theater, opera, ballet and a passionate traveler.

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