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Gill's Fitness trainers emphasize the eccentric phase of muscle contraction. By overloading the muscle in the eccentric phase, the skeletal muscles are worked beyond their means - effectively "overloading" the muscle - to cause microtrauma that increases muscle strength.  It is the perfect methodology for everyone. Gill's Fitness trainers write your custom workout with all of your goals and needs in mind, so that every workout is extremely productive, safe, and effecient.

Our clients range from student-athletes to 93 year old retirees.  Gill's Fitness specializes in strength training, prehabilitaton, and rehabilitation.  Our excercises often reduce the pain associated with arthritis, sports injuries, and surgery.

             BABY BOOMERS
  • Eccentric training is ideal for the baby boomer population.

  • The eccentric phase of muscle contraction is safe and low impact.  

  • Studies show that your body can burn calories even while resting - total body eccentric training can raise resting metabolic rate by about 9%.  

  • Eccentric overload means you don't have to go to the gym every day - just a few hours per week.

  • Gill's Fitness trainers can effectively train every muscle of the body with no machines or weights.

  • Clients feel little or no pain during their workouts in spite of arthritis, neuropathy, and injuries.

  • You can start a strength training program at any age.  

  • Most muscle loss comes from not using your muscles enough as you age, rather than aging itself.

  • Training your muscles regularly will help them stay strong and firm, regardless of age.

  • The trainers at Gill's Fitness are superb at improving your balance.

  • According to the CDC, over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls.  

  • Gill's Fitness trainers will strengthen your bones as well as your muscles and increase your balance and coordination - reducing risk of injury from a fall.

  • Athletes have special needs and goals compared to the general population.

  • Student athletes, weekend warriors, and country club golfers all need to do sport specific training.

  • Trainers will help you perform better in your sport, with better endurance, coordination, and flexibilty.

  • Injury prevention is key for athletes at every level, eccentric training is ideal because the muscles lengthen as they are strengthened helping it to help prevent injury.

  • Often overlooked but often injured muscles like the obliques, hip flexors, and rotator cuff muscles can be strengthened safely with the hands-on methodology of Gill's Fitness.

  • Prehabilitation is a new term, but it is a methodology that Gill's Fitness has been using for years.
  • Prehab prepares the mucles and joints for patients awaiting surgery.  

  • Patients who prehab before their surgery experience better results from the surgery and rehabiliataion.  Even clients who needed cardiovascular surgery.

  • Even better, clients who prehab with Gill's Fitness have postponed the surgery for a period of time, or prevented it all together.  Often, the symptoms that are associated with arthritis can be mitigated.

  • Gill's Fitness trainers can strengthen the muscles and joints without pain.

  • Gill's Fitness provides the best type of training for people going through a rehabilitation process.
  • Studies have shown that rehab patients who performed an eccentric focused program had better results than those who did not focus on the eccentric phase of muscle contraction.

  • Because each exercise is performed by hand, trainers will adjust the range of motion, intensity of and exercise to maximize results and limit pain and discomfort.

  • Many clients began their training program with Gill's Fitness after an injury because the trainers are so effective at working with their particular issues, pain, and specific goals.

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