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Gill's Fitness trainers emphasize the eccentric phase of muscle contraction. By overloading the muscle in the eccentric phase, the skeletal muscles are worked beyond their means - effectively "overloading" the muscle - to cause microtrauma that increases muscle strength.

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               THE SAFEST


Because the trainers at Gill's Fitness are the exercise machines, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Clients exercise through a safe range of motion with the perfect amount of weight. Their form is always perfect because the trainer is always hands-on.

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Muscles only get stronger when they are forced to adapt to pressure. Because the trainers are hands on, they actually "overload" the muscles with added pressure. The result is more muscular cellular adaptation, more quickly. It is the most effective type of weight bearing exercise and Gill's Fitness is the only place to find this style of training.



Traditional weight bearing exercise routines require excessive amounts of time to be effective. The personal trainers of Gills Fitness "overload" the muscles during exercise, requiring only 2 -3 hours per week to become stronger than ever.

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