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Keeping San Diego Fit and Strong at Home

Live Video Conference Personal Training

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gill's Fitness began training clients using digital technology.  The trainers and clients see each other ONE-ON-ONE using various programs that most people already have installed on their computer, laptop, tablet, and even smart phones.  We use programs such as Zoom and Apple FaceTime.

These are not recordings or YouTube demonstrations, the clients and trainers are interacting live, so the trainer can critique and adjust exercises, intensity, stretching, etc.  The workouts are intense, therapeutic, and fun!  

Keeping strong and fit is essential and the trainers at Gill's Fitness provide a safe and extremely effective workout from the safety and comfort of your home!

The same methodology that is so effective in our facility is practiced and the only equipment required is a towel!

lp_image (52).jpeg

"I had my first on line session with Robert yesterday. I was curious how I would work. It surprisingly personal, like having your own private trainer, and physically, the result was as good as if I had been to the gym. Thanks for making it possible."
-Mark T.

Look at all of these smiling and straining faces of clients while they train in their own homes watching their trainers demonstrate and critique superb exercises!  


"My workout was FANTASTIC!!!
Not kidding, we used different muscle groups by just “tearing” the towel, and honestly,my muscles are sore, as I haven’t worked out for more than two weeks.  I feel great and can’t wait until Friday when I have my second session.
Thank you so much for thinking of this type of workout, which really keeps us flexible and in good shape."

-Bev B.


"Just wanna let you know I just had a good work out, actually I like this better than outside!  I’m sweaty and tired. Quite a combo for me after work out. Thanking you guys for taking the time to put this together."

-Christa S.

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"Thanks to you and your team for the “towel” workout today.  My arms, shoulders and legs are all feeling it.  I am a natural born skeptic so had low expectations for the workout, but it was very challenging and beneficial.  We will keep it up during the closure!"

-Mike B.


"Excellent workout with two towels...ingenious! "I could see clearly and he was very precise in demonstrating what to do. He could see me and make corrections as needed.
Loved the workout and highly recommend it! Thank you for helping us stay healthy and fit in these crazy times."
-Shirley L.

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