I am thankful to Gill's Fitness for helping me recover a healthy lower back with the correct strengthening exercises.  My back condition was no longer an issue after only three months at Gill's.  WOW.  This is the only place that I frequent where I can get an honest, friendly, informative, and fun interaction with trainers who are between forty and fifty years younger than myself.  I feel they are genuinely interested in me and my physical condition.  The culture at Gill's is definitely captivating and very unique.   

-Peter Graham

Gill's Fitness has been an integral part of my health and training for several years.  I've worked with many trainers, but the customer experience at Gill's is second to none and they tailor the training to your specific needs, goals and limitations.  Since starting at Gill's I have noticed a significant increase in both energy and strength that has translated to all aspects of my life from work to hiking and boating.  Most recently, I broke my arm in a traumatic ski accident and the team at Gill's helped me through the recovery process, rebuilding the strength that was lost and enabling me to do things I wasn't sure I would ever do again, such as push-ups.  The trainers practice what they preach in their own workouts and are very knowledgeable about health, nutrition and fitness.  I'm looking forward to hitting the slopes again this year thanks to the Gill's Fitness team!

-Rob Ahlering


Gill's Fitness is part of my life because I would not be as strong or fit as I am today without them.  I never consider NOT going -- I am stronger and healthier than ever before.  I have energy and strength, balance and coordination far beyond my friends the same age.  It's a unique place and I feel lucky to be a part of Gill's Fitness.


-Cindy Hedgecock

My husband, Glenn, and I have been training at Gill's Fitness for several years, Glenn for four years and I for three years. We thoroughly enjoy this activity as a couple. 
The training is sensitive to the issues of aging and is customized and developed to maintain and improve strength, balance and flexibility. It is results oriented but always mindful of individuals’ frailties or injuries. Each session starts out with the trainer asking us how we feel that day. And the session is tailored to the answer.
All of the trainers are refined and personable young individuals. Their pleasant conversation distracts us from how hard we are working.  After an hour of good conversation (and hard work) we find we are finished.  We normally leave feeling much better than when we came.
We heartily recommend training at Gills.

-Barbara and Glenn Goltz

In 1997 I wanted to help my husband, who had back problems, to strengthen his body.  I thought it would be a good idea for me as well.  I have been athletic all my life and wanted to remain active.  This has been achieved through the excellent training Gills Fitness offers.  I am incredibly grateful to have benefitted from the personal attention, workout routines created just for me and the expertise received consistently over the years.  I feel very fit, there is little physically I am unable to do for daily living and am happy to be able to walk and carry my golf clubs for 18 holes.  I enjoy referring them and have lost count of the number of folks who continue to benefit.  It is an investment in me, and a lifestyle for a lifetime.


-Bonnie Schwartz

Dedicated client since 1997

I highly recommend Gills no matter your age but especially for those after 65.  I have always been active and was a serious  runner most of my adult life but over time my Hips gave out when I herd about Gills from a friend I checked them out and now I’m hooked I try to go twice a week which gives the trainers a chance to build strength and flexibility around balance that helps me keep a pretty active life style working every day whether in my office or working cows and ranching


-Terry Brown

As a retired physician I understand the importance of fitness and how it can improve your life.

My wife, Joy, and I have been attending Gill’s Fitness since June of 2002.  It has been an amazing experience.  Having a personal trainer rather than a self-guided workout is truly wonderful.   I had been using a YMCA center or the gym where I worked for a workout.  Usually doing rowing, bike and treadmill.  That is fine but is just exercise.  

Fitness is more than strength training.  Gill’s provides balance, muscle strengthening, stretching, all customized to a person’s body abilities and ability to participate.  The trainers do take a personal interest in your well-being.  They give undivided attention when working with you.  In any given week all of my major muscle groups are touched.  This is very satisfying.   I have strengthened my back considerably.  My balance has improved and I really feel that I am aging gracefully.

The trainers of Gill's Fitness are very well trained and all have degrees or certifications in kinesiology.   Everyone working there makes you feel welcome – that alone would bring me back again tomorrow.

Jonathan has surrounded himself with a wonderful group of men and women who has each participant enjoying their time spent.  We look forward to our visits each week. 

Another pleasure is the other clients!  We have become friends become we share similar interests.

-Dr. Fred Frye

I have been a  long term client of Gill’s Fitness Personal Training, since 2008!
It has been one of my better decisions to be associated with this dedicated group of talented personal trainers.  
This professional group that Jonathan has assembled over these many years have been 
extremely beneficial to my general wellbeing.  
Gill's Fitness has kept thorough records of each client, and all the trainers are aware of my 
underlying neurological problem and have personalized my exercise program as to receive the maximum benefits from my workouts.
I highly recommend Gill’s Fitness to any one who is willing and determined to strive for and maintain his or her good health and physical fitness.


-Beverly Bernstein

I have been a client of Gill's Fitness for 15 years.  Gill's Fitness is always a happy, upbeat, friendly place to go!  The trainers push you to make progress with every workout.  Along with overall muscle and joint strength and flexibility, they have helped me strengthen the muscles around my knees so I can continue to perform a rigorous, uphill walk every morning and helped me recovery from a shoulder injury caused by a fall.  They know how to improve the areas you need strengthening without harming any joint or muscle. With each passing year I want to make sure I stay strong, flexible and be in as great of shape as I can.  Gill's Fitness helps me do that!

I have been a client of Gill’s Fitness since 1994.  Gill’s has kept me strong, flexible, and physically fit, so I feel about 20 years younger than I am.  I’ve never been particularly athletic, and a byproduct of training has been increased body awareness, coordination, and confidence in my body.
All the trainers are professional, skilled, and personable. I trust their knowledge and know that I can do more than I would on my own, mostly because I would fear injury if I increased intensity or repetitions.
With the trainers at Gill’s Fitness, the time goes by quickly, pleasantly, and productively.  The best testimonial is that I can enjoy and keep up with my grandkids!


-Gail White

I started training with Gill’s Fitness in 1997.  I started because I was approaching age 60 and did not want to lose control of my physical activities due to age.  Gill’s Fitness' approach is unique and effective.  All activities are recorded and reviewed before your day of training.  All muscles are getting worked which helps tremendously with your balance as you get older.


I have continued with Gill’s Fitness because my body still responds like it did 22 years ago.  I lead a very active life, including playing golf, travel, walking, and other physical activities.  If you ask your body to respond, it will if you work with Gill’s Fitness!


-Larry Showley

I am an equestrian.  And as such, I have been party to bumps, bruises and some pretty spectacular bone breaks and surgeries over the past 15 years.  Gills’ personnel has been excellent about working in tandem with my physical therapists and me to ensure a solid, total – and in some cases – jaw-droppingly fast recoveries. The thoroughness of the care, as well as my ongoing “pre-hab” workouts have been a boon to these accident recoveries and my general excellent health.  I am stronger, more sure-footed, have more stamina  and happier in my every day activities as well as physical pursuits. The team is well-trained and careful to address each client’s peculiar needs.  It’s team work.


-Denise Carabet